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G.G.’S STAR VENDING, LLC started back in 2004 as a small family owned charity line vending company donating 60% of our vending earnings to local charities - Like: Kiwanis Thrift Stores and The American Red Cross.

After many years of offering great services in the charity vending line to our locations and community charities we worked with. We started to realized how much more; we could offer in the full vending service industry and thus began our efforts to place drink and snack machines in the field. We started seeing the opportunity to offer a even better vending experience in the full services industry.

Currently to date, with all our vending operations in total we have about 120 machines active in the field with about 30 machines in our warehouse at any given time for repair or ready for placement in locations.

We still offer our charity candy machines for locations to help our local community; although its not the only things we offer. When you get hungry or thirsty think the company that put charity back in charity Vending and service back in to a automated industry, “GGs STAR VENDING”


In 2016 we Donated over

Food and Drinks
2800 LBS