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1. G.G.’s STAR VENDING is licensed and insured for any possible property damage, personal liability and product liability. Be sure to ask about a business license and insurance when interviewing potential vendors. Does your vendor have a valid business license and current liability insurance?

2. We provide state-of-the-art machines as well as cash-less vending where machines are able to take credit or debit cards.  Our Sure Vend machine feature makes it virtually impossible to lose money, eliminating down time, lost sales and inconvenience to the customer.  Are your machines state of the art? Do they have credit/debit readers?

3. There is never a charge for our vending machines (ALWAYS FREE!!)

4. G.G.’s STAR VENDING is a “full service” vending company able to supply almost all potential vending needs such as snacks and cold drinks,  some hot and cold foods (including freshly made foods), ice cream, and office coffee service (through our partner companies) , as well as food & Drink service fulfillment (manual food service.) What does your present vending company offer?

5. Pricing is mutually agreed upon in most cases we can offer you prices at or below the local convenience stores down the road. Pricing is guaranteed for one year from installation (if, contractual).  We also offer vending programs that allow you to permanently  or temporarily subsidize pricing for your employees. We can also  put your machines on “free vend” as a reward or perhaps during holiday celebrations.  Are your machines able to do this?

6. All route drivers are experienced, well-trained, drug tested and uniformed with proper identification.  How does your route person measure up?

7. All route drivers carry hand held computers to ensure accuracy in accountability, as well as proper restocking, so popular, requested products never run out. Machines are checked for proper maintenance and cleaned each time of service. Route drivers work on commission as added incentive to stock customer preferences at each location.  How are your machines maintained?